County Courts-at-Law


Midland County Courts-at-Law have jurisdiction of all causes and proceedings, civil and criminal, original and appellate, prescribed by law for county courts. Midland County’s statutory County Courts at Law have probate jurisdiction concurrent with the County Court and concurrent jurisdiction with the District Courts in:

  • Civil cases in which the amount in controversy exceeds $500 but does not exceed $500,000
  • Family law cases and proceedings
  • Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission appeals

The County Courts-at-Law are the appropriate court in which to file eminent domain / condemnation cases. In addition to the forgoing, these Courts handle cases involving adult criminal misdemeanors, juvenile offenders, guardianship actions and mental health cases.

Case Transfers

In matters of concurrent jurisdiction, county court-at-law judges and district court judges may exchange benches and courtrooms and may transfer cases between their dockets.