441st District Court

Notice from 441st district court

Effective March 22, 2021, all hearings in the 441st District Court will be conducted IN PERSON. If you have a current setting previously scheduled in the 441st District Court, the hearing will be conducted IN PERSON.  

 GUILTY PLEA packets with Fingerprints must be turned in the day before hearing.

 In CRIMINAL and CIVIL cases, to Object to an IN PERSON Hearing or request a continuance based on COVID-19 related reasons, you must EFILE your Motion, and have a hearing on your motion 7 days before the hearing date.

 For CIVIL cases, to request a ZOOM hearing all parties must agree and the Court must approve, and have a hearing on your motion at least 3 days before the hearing date.

 Any CIVIL case that is noticed but not reached or does not settle during a Civil trial week (usually the first week of every month) will roll over to the following weeks of the particular month as back up cases to Criminal matters; all Civil counsel will be on standby and prepared to proceed to trial anytime during the relevant four week period.

Order No. 2021-068: Midland County Minimum Health Protocols for Court Proceedings (PDF)

General Jurisdiction

Concurrent jurisdiction with all other District Courts in Midland County. The 441st District Court sends out docket sheets weekly via email.

Type of Cases

  • Civil suits
  • Felony-level Criminal offenses

Types of Hearings

  • Civil and Criminal Bench Trials (Non-Jury Trials)
  • Civil and Criminal Jury Trials
  • Civil and Criminal Motions
  • Civil and Criminal Pretrial matters
  • Civil Default Judgments
  • Civil Summary Judgments
  • Criminal First and Final Pretrial and Guilty Pleas are every Thursday at 9:00 a.m.
  • Criminal Out of State Extraditions

Jury / Non-Jury Trial Schedules

  • Civil Jury Trials are scheduled on the 1st week of every month
  • Criminal Jury Trials are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th week of every month
  • Bench Trials (Non-Jury Trials) are scheduled on all other weeks

Felony Arraignments

Felony arraignments are every Friday at 8:30 a.m.  Midland County District Judges alternate on a regular schedule.

Active Warrant for a Failure to Appear

Attention: To check the status of an active warrant for a failure to appear, please contact your bondsman or your attorney.