Investigator Martin Rodriguez

Investigator Martin Rodriguez was born in El Paso, Texas. He graduated from Socorro High School in 2009. He moved to Midland, Texas, in May 2015 and started his law enforcement career. Investigator Martin Rodriguez was a Detention officer for the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

He became a Midland County Sheriff’s Office licensed jailer in March 2016. During four years at the Detention Center, he joined the Special Response Unit, receiving certifications in taser, baton, and OC spray(pepper spray). Investigator Martin Rodriguez assisted both the security and booking side of the jail in translating. Being bi-lingual, he de-escalated situations between officers and inmates. He was selected to attend the 101st class at the Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy. He graduated receiving a peace officer license.

In December 2018, Investigator Martin Rodriguez was promoted from the Detention Center to the Patrol Division. He gained a basic peace officer license as a Patrol Deputy and was selected to become a field training officer (FTO) three years after. He trained several new probationary patrol deputies. In February 2023, after assisting on patrol for almost four years, Investigator Martin Rodriguez was given the opportunity to join the Office of Death Investigator. He started as a Death Investigator on February 14, 2023. On April 3, 2023, through April 7, 2023, Investigator Martin Rodriguez completed the Death Investigation Training Academy held in Springfield, Missouri. He received specialized training in investigating suicides, forensics, crime scene management, human remains identification, homicide investigation, control and storage, and crime scene investigation.