What is Midland County Warrant Services?

Midland County Warrant services is a multifunction department within Midland County. Warrant Services is responsible for setting up payment plans for the County and District Courts, warrant services also serves warrants issued by all four Justice Courts in Midland County. Visit the Warrants page for more information.

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1. What is Midland County Warrant Services?
2. Can I make payment plans on warrants?
3. What happens after my court date and I am assessed a fine and or court costs?
4. What happens at the Warrant Services Department?
5. What happens if I do not go to the Warrant Services Department and execute my court ordered payment plan?
6. Will the information I give on the application be verified and checked?
7. How much time does applying for the payment plan take?
8. What happens if I miss a payment and or do not make payments on the payment plan?
9. If a warrant is issued for my arrest after not completing the payment plan can I set up another one?
10. Can I pay the total I owe early?
11. What form of payments do you accept?
12. If I have multiple warrants can I pay one off at a time?