Road & Bridge


Welcome to the Road & Bridge Department! We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service and ensuring that roadway rehabilitation projects are completed on time and within budget. Within the County, there are more than 415 centerline miles of roads for which the Road & Bridge Department is responsible for maintaining and rehabilitating. Each year the Department has a goal to complete 60 miles of roadway repairs.

Currently, the budget approved by Commissioners' Court provides an excess of $40 million for projects to be completed during the current fiscal year. 


To request services that do not involve a hazardous situation, call (432) 688-4600.

To request a service for traffic control devices (stop signs, traffic lights, pavement markings, turn lanes, speed limits), submit a concern through this form: Report a Road Concern.

*Midland County does not maintain public roads that are not part of the Midland County road system. Green road signs are City of roads, blue road signs are Midland County roads, and  brown road signs are privately maintained roads. FM and State Highways are maintained by Texas Department of Transportation.

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