Crisis Intervention Unit

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Mission Statement

The Crisis Intervention Unit (C.I.U.) will endeavor to see that any victim of a crime is provided the support necessary to help them cope with their trauma and stabilize their lives. We will also provide information to victims and the community concerning victimization and the resources available to them.

About the Unit

The Crisis Intervention Unit (C.I.U.) of Midland County Sheriff’s Office is led by Director Ulanda Suggs. The Crisis Intervention Unit addresses the need for immediate on-scene support for crime victims following their victimization. Trauma leaves a person unable to think clearly at a time when clear thinking is needed most. The goal of C.I.U. is to support, comfort and provide information to the victim.

The victim will be provided transportation to a place of safety, if necessary. C.I.U. was formed as an operational unit under the Midland County Sheriff's Office in January 1990 with the primary purpose being to respond without bias to any call deemed necessary by law enforcement to assist victims or survivors of a crime.

Staff & Volunteers

The Crisis Intervention Unit has a paid staff of two and a base of 35 highly trained volunteers on call 24 / 7 / 365. C.I.U. is the hub of the wheel of Victim's services. A team of two volunteers responds to the scene, the emergency room, or wherever the officer requests. The team assesses the situation and establishes the needs of the victim(s). Crisis counseling and emotional support are provided as soon as possible following victimization. If the help of another agency is necessary, that agency is contacted for the victim(s) or the victim is transported to the agency.

Volunteers offer to make calls for the victim; provide information about Crime Victim's compensation, explain crime scene protocol, protect victim(s) from media harassment, provided referrals for long term help, arrange child care, and contact friends and family for them. C.I.U. does anything necessary to aid the victim in regaining some control back in their lives. Volunteers do not leave the victim until their support system is in place. C.I.U. will also be called in the event of a disaster, whether natural or man-made to assist victims.


The Midland County Sheriff's Office Crisis Intervention Unit has assisted several neighboring counties to establish programs patterned after our tried and true program. A base of 35 to 40 active volunteers is required to ensure that all requests for service are met. To maintain this volunteer base, two 40 hour training classes per year are conducted, as well as monthly In-Service meetings. Due to diligent debriefing policies, very few volunteers are lost from burnout.

We attempt to be proactive in our training to be prepared for any situation whether mass casualties or individual victims are involved. We will continue to serve the citizens of Midland without bias should they become the unfortunate victims of a violent crime.

What is a Crisis

  • An interruption of an individual's normal life pattern.
    • Accident, Death
    • Burglary
    • Child Abuse and Elderly Abuse
    • Family Violence
    • Homicide
    • Robbery
    • Sexual Assault
    • Suicide

How the Units Deals with Crisis Situations

  • Volunteers on call 24/7
  • On-scene victim support at a crime or accident scene.
  • Support for victims at Emergency Room.
  • Follow-up with victims who have been referred to other support agencies.
  • Provide information to the community regarding available services.
  • Office maintained for walk-in victims at Law Enforcement Building.
  • Transport of victims to Safe Place, Salvation Anny, etc.
  • Crisis response teams for natural disaster or major disaster such as plane crashes and major criminal disasters.
  • Provisions of small amount of emergency financial support for victims for food, gasoline, and lodging.