Attorney Information

Requesting a Transcript

Email Kim Julian, the Official Court Reporter of the 238th District Court or call her at 432-688-4381 with the cause number, style of the case, date of hearing, and the requested portions of record.

Requesting a Hearing

  • Unless you want a hearing set at the Court’s convenience, you should request potential hearing dates from the Court Coordinator via email, with all parties copied on the email.
  • The Coordinator will then “reply all” with available dates and times.
  • Please do not copy the Court Coordinator with all the discussions of which date is best.
  • Once the parties have agreed to a date and time, email the Court Coordinator with the agreed date and time and attach an Order Setting Hearing, including email addresses after the Judge’s Signature Line. Make sure you copy all parties on the email with the agreed setting.

Please Note: this Court does not accept ‘Notices of Hearings’ only Orders. Please keep in mind that dates and times may have been previously given out, so, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Requesting a Trial Continuance or Resetting of a Hearing

  • Prior to contacting the Court, both parties must confer with each other in order to avoid unnecessary court time.
  • If both parties are in agreement, please file your agreed motion and submit an agreed order for the Judge’s approval. The Judge may require a hearing. The continuance or reset is not granted until the Judge’s signature is on the order.
  • To request a reset of a plea or pretrial you must get the agreement of the opposing party via email. Forward the agreement to the coordinator with your request and provide the required order resetting.

Marking Exhibits

  • Prior to trial, mark all exhibits with sequential numbers beginning with 1, 2, 3, and so on. Do not use alphabet letters.
  • Prior to trial, provide a list of numbered exhibits to the Court Reporter.

Jury Charge

Prior to trial, email your proposed or suggested charge to the Court Coordinator in Word format.