1.    How do I find out if I have a warrant(s)?

You may contact our warrants division directly at (432) 688-4680.

2.    How do I get my credit time?

Your credit time will be calculated once you submit yourself to jail.

3.    Where do I obtain a Police Report?

•    Department of Public Safety (DPS) http://www.dps.texas.gov/HighwayPatrol/Citations/

•    Midland Police Department https://www.midlandtexas.gov/874/Request-A-Police-Report

•    Midland County Sheriff’s Department 400 S. Main Bld. #A/CID

4.    I currently live in another city and need my records check from when I lived in Midland County?

Our records office may email you records check form which you will need to fill-out and have notarized.  You may email this form back to our office along with a photo I.D..  There is a $10.00 fee payable by money order ONLY and may be mailed to the following address:
Midland Co. Sheriff’s Dept.
Attn: Records Dept.
PO Box 11287
Midland, TX  79702

5.    May I get the name of the arresting officer?

Unfortunately, we are not able to give this information out.

6.    What can I send an Inmate?

-    Mail
-    Pictures
-    Books
-    No Hygiene / clothing / jewelry

7.    What kinds of books can we send?

-Books cannot be hardback books
-Used books
- Books can be sent from:
   - Publisher
   - Amazon
   - Reputable distributors

8.     When can I go pick up inmate’s items once they have left to TDCJ/State Jail?

       - You will receive a letter in the mail showing what person is authorized to pick items.
       - You must bring an I.D. and the letter showing you are the person authorized for pick up.

9.     How can we put money on inmate’s cash account?

       - You can put money through our kiosk machine located in Bonding
       - You can put money online through www.touchpaydirect.com
       - You can put money through Touch pay over the phone 1-866-232-1899
       - You cannot send money orders, cash or checks

10.     What kinds of pictures and how many pictures can we send?

       - You can send as many pictures as you wish.- No polaroid pictures
       - Pictures have to be appropriate pictures examples:
       - No limited clothing
       - No pornographic /sexually explicit
       - No gang signs
       - No paraphernalia
             - Drugs/Alcohol
       - No adhesive
             - stickers, post it notes, glue, and tape
             - No glitter/stones/ribbons 

11.     Why was my mail sent back?

         - Inmate is no longer in custody
         - Inmate refused mail
         - Full name of sender was not on it/readable
         - Address is not readable
         - Inappropriate pictures
         - Self stamped envelopes inside
         - No blank sheets of paper
         - No calendars
         - No games (puzzles/word games)
         - No coloring books or pages
         - No money orders, cash or checks
         - No hard plastic or laminations
                 -Greeting Card
                 -No music box inside
                 -Refer back to number 5
          - Any mail found to contain contraband will be considered a breach of security and will be returned to sender.

12.    .  How can I send and inmate books?

You can purchase paperback books from an online book distributor and have them sent to the inmates mailing address.

13.    Who do I contact if money has not been placed on an inmates account?

- If you put money on the inmate’s account using the kiosk in the booking lobby or the visitation lobby, you need to bring the receipt to the bonding area at the jail.
- If you put money on the inmate’s account online or by phone, you need to contact the customer support number for TouchPay, 866-204-1603.

14.    When do inmates go to court?

You need to contact the inmate’s attorney for court dates.

15.    Where do I pay for an inmate to be released on a time pay with Municipal Court?

The City of Midland Texas Municipal Court located at 201 E Texas, Midland TX 79701

16.    How can an inmate call me?

- Inmates can purchase calling cards on commissary.
- You may start a prepaid account with Securus so the inmate can call your number.

17.    How can I get property from an inmate? 

- We will not release any inmate’s property until they are released from custody. 

18.    How much money is on an inmate’s account?

- We will never give any information on an inmate’s cash account. 

19.    What is someone’s bond?

- You can look at this web link: https://www.co.midland.tx.us/201/Current-Detainees 

20.    When will someone be picked up by another county?

- We will not give dates or times of inmate’s being transferred to other facilities.

21.    Can I bring a medical prescription for an inmate in jail?

- The only way we will accept a prescription for an inmate is if the prescription is current and not expired.  

22.    How can I get my phone number blocked or unblocked? 

- When you receive a phone call from an inmate in our facility, you will be given a voice prompt that allows you to block future calls. Should you wish to block you number from future calls, or to unblock your number, you can contact Securus, the inmate telephone provider for assistance. 

23.    How can I get clothing or other property to an inmate?

- The only property we will accept for inmates is Court Clothing. You may bring an inmate court clothes before a trial and pick them after. 

24.    How can I find Bail Bond Companies?

- Bail bond companies are listed in the phone book’s white pages. 

25.    How can I be added to an inmate’s visitation list?

- Inmates create their own visitation lists. For a visitor to be added, the inmate will have to make the request.

26.    How do I know if an inmate is released?

- If you wish to be notified of someone’s release or receive other status notifications, you may register though VINE. www.vinelink.com

27.    How do I get my cash bond returned? Cases higher than class c misdemeanors.

- If you case is dismissed or resolved, you may be eligible for a refund on your cash bond. Cash bonds are receipted to the defendant, and only the defendant may receive the refund. If the case was filed in criminal court, the money will be deposited with the Clerk of that court. If the case was dismissed prior to be filed (or indicted) in criminal court, the jail may refund the money. You must provide a receipt for the cash bond, court paperwork showing dismissal or resolution of the case, and a government issued ID.