Platting Process

In accordance with:

Local government code title 7. Regulation of land use, structures, businesses, and related activities subtitle b. County regulatory authority chapter 232. County regulation of subdivisions subchapter a. Subdivision platting requirements in general

  1. Must submit a plat with all dimensions including street width and drainage information to the County Judge’s office (2 original mylars with original signatures and notaries). This plat must be certified by a Texas registered surveyor and/or engineering firm. Must also include the following:
    • The right of way must be 60 feet
    • Two points of ingress and egress as approved by Emergency Management
    • No low water crossings
    • Must state the roadway material; At least be built to county specs for consideration to be accepted by the County
  2. At time of presentation to the Commissioners’ Court, the owner of the property must be present for questions in court
  3. The County only recognizes plats (the original) and re-plats, where a lot size or road width changes dimensions
  4. Upon court approval and signature by the County Judge, the mylars are returned to the company representative to be filed in the County Clerk’s office. Requirements for filing are:
    • 1 mylar -fully signed
    • 4 paper copies of the fully signed mylars
    • Current Tax Statements - within 30 days of submission to the County Clerk with zero balance
  5. Payment. The fee for platting and re-platting (each time) is for small, 18 inches by 24 inches for $61; large 24 inches by 36 inches for $81. (On plats with more than one page, the fee is subject to the fee times the number of pages. For example, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3 for 18 inches by 24 inches size, the cost would be $61 times 3 pages, totaling $183.)
  6. A Platt must be registered in order to receive an address from emergency services (911). An address must be assigned by 911 in order to apply for a driveway permit or an onsite septic permit. Please reference the Subdivision Regulations for more information and requirements.