Road Dedication Process

1.    Turn in preliminary plat per the PLATTING PROCESS instructions and the SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS

2.    County to review and comment

3.    Turn in updated Final Plat for Commissioners Court review as described in the PLATTING PROCESS and SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS.

4.    In the Commissioners Court that the Plat is being considered, or in a subsequent Commissioners Court, a separate agenda item to notify the court of the desire to turn the roads over to the County will be discussed

5.    From the date the roads are discussed in Commissioners Court – assuming the court agrees to accept – construction on the roads may begin utilizing the road construction standards described in the SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS

a.    Construction plans including drainage plans will be required.

6.    Keep in communication with Midland County Public Works Department to witness installation and material inspections; as well as follow schedule

7.    Upon completion of road ways, notify Midland County Public Works Department.  This will start the 12 month period of warranty review.  The developer / builder will be responsible for maintenance during this period.

a.    During this time period, any driveways connecting to the proposed county roads will need to execute the driveway permit application process with the Public Works Department.

8.    Upon the completion of the 12 month period, request an agenda item for Commissioners Court to formally accept the roads into County maintenance.