Official Public Records

The County Clerk's office records instruments such as:

  • Deeds
  • Judgment
  • Liens

Many of these instruments deal with the conveyance of ownership in real property. We also record:

  • Military Discharge
  • Affidavits
  • DBAs
  • Oil and gas lease
  • Power of attorney
  • UCC Financing Statement


The Texas Legislature recently amended the Property Code to provide a streamlined procedure for addressing discriminatory provisions in real property records. Although state law already declared restrictions and provisions in real property records that prohibit the use, sale or transfer of real property to a person based on race, color, religion, or national origin to be void and unenforceable, Senate Bill 30, which took effect on September 1, 2021, establishes a  process for a property owner, or another person that the owner authorizes, to request a judicial  review of specific property records to  determine whether they contain prohibited discriminatory provisions.

The bill sets out the contents of the documents required to be submitted to the court as well as a suggested format for the court’s findings and order. Under certain circumstances, the court may issue its determination without conducting a hearing. No filing fees may be charged under the statute. 

 To view the language of the bill and the format for filing with the court as well as the format for the court’s findings and order, use the link:  87(R) SB 30 LINK

Requirements & Fees for Recording Documents in Midland County

LGC 118.011

  • Must be a document that is statutorily authorized to be recorded.
  • The document must be the original or a certified copy. 
  • The document must be authenticated/exemplified if a Probate from another State (EC 503)
  • There must be a title at the top. (LGC 191.007 (c))
  • A page is considered to be one side of a sheet of paper and may be no wider than 8.5 inches by 14 inches. (LGC 191.007(b))
  • The Property must be located In Midland County and include the complete legal description. (LGC 193.009(4))
  • Name must be typed or printed immediately under each signature. (LGC 191.007(e))
  • All documents must have a proper and complete original notary acknowledgement. (PC 12.001(b))
  • Deeds conveying property to a new owner must have a grantee's address listed. (PC 11.003(1))
  • Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Oil and Gas Lease, Mechanics Liens, Releases, Affidavits,
  • Powers of Attorney and Revocations, Lis Pendens, Bills of Sale, Hospital Liens and Releases,
  • Mineral Deeds and Home Equities, UCC Financing Statement, Abstract of Judgment

Fees & Payment

  •    We accept cash, money order, credit or debit card (convenience fee applied).  
  •    We do not accept personal checks.
First page$25.00
Each additional page$4.00
Each additional name to be indexed in excess of 5$0.25
Double the filing fee for that page if it fails to meet one or more of the requirements (LGC 191.007(h))N/A
Penalty Fee for no grantee's address on any document$25.00
Federal tax liens and releases$30.00
State tax liens, releases and abstracts - Filed by the State$15.00
Maps and plats - small$60.00
Maps and plats - large$80.00
Unincorporated Assumed name / DBA or abandonment with 1 owner$23.00
Each additional owner listed$0.50
Brand and Marks$25.00
Each additional location on same type of animal$5.00
Bonds to indemnify with 1 page and 1 service$165.00
Each additional page$4.00
Each additional service$100.00
Each additional notice of service$4.00
Military discharge recording and copiesNo fee
Returned check fee$30.00
Copies per page$1.00
Certification of copies$5.00
Copy of plat on large paper$10.00