1. Family / PCR Fees
  2. Civil Fees
  3. Miscellaneous Fees
Fee Type
Waiver Divorce $283
Divorce with Citation by Posting - No Children (Attorney Must Prepare Citation by Posting) $391
Divorce with Citation by Publication (Attorney Must Prepare Citation by Publication - (Print 1 Time Only) $1,116 (plus $500 Amicus Attorney Fee if Children)
Petition for Termination of PCR - Can Be Filed in a Closed Divorce $767 (includes $500 for Guardian Ad Litem)
Petition to Establish Parent Child Relationship $267
Removal of Disability/Emancipation $267
Name Change - Adult / Minor $267
Writ of Habeas Corpus Filed as a New Case or Reopening an Existing Case (There Is No Charge if Filed in a Pending Case) $267
Adoption with Citation by Publication (includes $500 Guardian Ad Litem, $500 Amicus Attorney, $225 Midland Reporter Telegram, $300 Uncontested Social Study) (Attorney must furnish Citation for Publication)
$1,962 (plus $47 for each Additional Child)
Adoption with Voluntary Termination of PCR (Includes $500 Guardian Ad Litem, $300 Uncontested Social Study) $1,129 (plus $47 for each additional child)
Adoption of Adult $267
Foreign Judgment $275 (plus Cost for Motion to Modify or Enforce and Service Fees if Applicable)
Cross-Action or Counterclaim $76
Plea of Intervention $76
Third Party Petition
Motion for New Trial $76
Motion for Contempt $45 (Non SAPCR - Code  51.317(b)(2) and Code 51.851(b))
$15 (SAPCR - Family Code 110.002)
Motion to Transfer out of Midland County $45 (Non SAPCR -Family Code 110.002 and Code 51.851(b))
$15 (SAPCR - Family Code 110.002)
Transfer into Midland County $65 (Non SAPCR - Family Code 110.005 and Code 51.851(b))
$45 (SAPCR - Family Code 110.005)
Motion to Enforce $15 (SAPCR - Family Code 110.002)
Motion to Modify $15 (SAPCR - Family Code 110.002)
Request for Issuance of Wage Withholding
$15 (Family Code 158.319)
Application for Judicial Writ of Withholding
$15 (Family Code 110.002)
Petition for License Suspension
$15 (Family Code 110.002)
Motion to Revoke a Stay of License Suspension
$15 (Family Code 110.002)