1. GPS Monitors
  2. SCRAM Monitors

GPS Ankle Monitor

Defendants may be required as a condition of bond to wear an ankle monitor. Defendants will be required to pay $11 per day.

Midland County Pretrial currently uses GPS monitors, which means global positioning system. Another way to put it is a satellite is monitoring your every move and recording where you are going and where you are at the present time.

Proof of Travel & Deviation

While you are on this type of supervision you will be required to bring written verification if you travel. If you are looking for work you will be required to keep a log or journal keeping details of you job search along with addresses on where you go. Appointments require proof from the person your appointment is with. You will need written proof before you can deviate from your schedule. All deviation requests should be in within 48 hours. All requests have to be approved by the Courts. There will be no exceptions to this requirement.

The GPS monitoring company will be randomly calling you. Correct and accurate cell and home phone numbers are required.

There will be zero tolerance for all electronic monitoring violations. If there is an emergency after normal working hours call Priscilla Bonilla at 432-742-7350 or 432-638-8802 .

Maintenance & Charging

For maintenance, access the GPS equipment maintenance form (PDF).

You will be required to charge your electronic monitor for 1 hour per day. Failure to charge your monitor as directed will result in a warrant for violation of bond condition. There will be zero tolerance for low batteries - no excuses.

After charging, the charger must be removed from the wall. Do not leave the charger plugged in, as it will burn out. Coil the charger cords neatly and place them on high shelf away from pets and children.

Charges for GPS Equipment Damages

  • Charger: $75
  • Strap: $50
  • Unit: $1,500

Damage, failure to return, or loss of equipment will result in Felony Theft charge (Theft of Property less than $1,500) being filed against you.