LEPC Membership, Committees, & By-Laws


Per Midland County LEPC’s by-laws, members of the LEPC shall be residents of or conduct business in Midland County. Members shall consist of elected or appointed officials of local, state, and federal governments with jurisdiction over any part of the area served by the LEPC, print/broadcast media, community groups, emergency management, emergency medical services, facility owners/operators, firefighting personnel, health officials, hospital personnel, law enforcement, local environmental groups, and transportation personnel such as pipeline, rail or truck.

Industrial members shall be those persons named by owners or operators of companies within the LEPC boundaries as their Facility Emergency Coordinators under provisions of Section 301(c) of EPCRA. All members will be nominated by the LPEC and approved by the County Judge.  


benefits of MEMBERSHIP

  • Community Right to Know: Learning about what chemicals or hazards may exist at neighboring facilities; 
  • Participating in community disaster and evacuation planning and preparedness activities such as exercises and drills;
  • Providing input for modifications to County response plans and procedures;
  • Networking with other industry representatives for information sharing and other community aid opportunities;
  • Networking with community response agency representatives, news agency representatives and government officials;
  • Having a current list of resource contacts;
  • Learning about local community response agencies, their functions, capabilities and ability to respond to specific industry or neighborhood emergencies;
  • Company representatives serve as a link between your community, employees, other industries and government in emergency planning and preparedness;
  • Assistance with company sponsored educational and training opportunities;
  • Emergency response agency walk throughs and/or drills in your facility for emergency planning and response improvement;
  • Staying abreast of current and emerging regulations.



The Midland County LEPC is composed of the Executive Committee and three standing subcommittees:

  • By-Laws & Administrative Subcommittee
  • Compliance Subcommittee
  • Training & Exercise Subcommittee 

All LEPC members must volunteer to serve on at least one standing subcommittee. Each standing subcommittee is not exclusively limited to members of the LEPC.  


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of two appointed officials: Chairperson and Information Coordinator, two elected officials: Vice-Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer, subcommittee chairpersons, and the County Judge if so chosen. The Executive Committee is tasked with developing long-term goals, soliciting volunteers to fill vacancies, conducting meetings, and keeping minutes of meetings. 

Executive Committee Members: 


Justin Bunch
Midland County Fire Marshal, EMC 


Andy Chandler
City of Midland Fire Department, HazMat Captain 

secretary / treasurer 

(to be determined)


Jamie Jewett
Midland County Assistant Emergency Operations Coordinator


By-Laws & Administrative Subcommittee

The Vice-Chairperson acts as the Chairperson for this subcommittee. This subcommittee is responsible for the development and maintenance of the LEPC By-Laws, the formulation of policies and procedures concerning the public's right-to-know program, the coordination of all record keeping and information dissemination procedures for the LEPC, and the establishment of trade secret protection procedures.

Compliance Subcommittee

The Chairperson for the Compliance Subcommittee is elected. This Subcommittee shall be responsible for assisting all facilities and agencies either storing or transporting hazardous materials within the boundaries of Midland County to maintain statutory compliance per EPCRA.

Additionally, this Subcommittee assumes functional responsibility for the formulation of all chemical release reporting procedures, the development of a hazardous substance emergency response plan, as required by law, procedures for identification and communication with hazardous materials facilities/agencies, gathering and distributing information concerning EPCRA to all relevant facilities/agencies, assisting Midland County within its boundaries with EPCRA compliance efforts, and serving as a technical resource for the general LEPC and Subcommittees.

Training and Exercise Subcommittee

The Training and Exercise Subcommittee is responsible for assisting in the development, implementation, and maintenance of hazardous materials training programs, exercise design, execution, and all subsequent evaluations. The Chairperson for this subcommittee is elected. Additionally, this subcommittee assumes functional responsibility for assisting with testing the hazardous substance emergency response plan and reviewing existing federal, state and local plans for the purpose of coordination with the LEPC planning process.

midland county lepc By-laws

Click here to download a copy of the current Midland County LEPC By-Laws (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)


If you are interested in becoming a member of the LEPC and meet the requirements as defined by the EPCRA, please fill out the following application and submit it, in full completeness, to lepc@mcounty.com

Click here to view/print/download the Midland County LEPC’s Membership Application Form.

As a reminder, members shall represent at least one category as defined by the EPCRA. 
Members must also live and /or do business within Midland County. 

Once received, in accordance with Midland County LEPC By-Laws, the form will be reviewed by current LEPC members and recommended to move forward to the Midland County Judge, who will confirm or deny the request. Applicants will be notified thereafter.